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What benefits can I expect from supplementing with desiccated organ meats?

Since we announced the launch of MK Supplements in 2021, many people have asked us about the specific benefits they can expect when using desiccated (freeze-dried) beef organs. In a nutshell, desiccated beef organs are a rich source of bioavailable m

Do beef organ supplements provide the same health benefits as eating fresh organs?

Yes, we firmly believe that our desiccated beef organ supplements are an excellent alternative to consuming fresh organs. That’s because the gentle freeze-drying method we use to turn 100% grass-fed and grass-finished organs into powdered gel capsule

Do your supplements have folic acid?

Liver contains folate, which is the natural version of vitamin B9. Folic acid is a synthetic and less bio-available version found in (synthetic) multivitamin supplements.

What are the benefits of consuming organ meats vs. a good multivitamin?

Synthetic micronutrients are poorly absorbed and less effective than those found in nature. Organ meats are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet containing everything your body needs to thrive in the most bioavailable and readily absorbable fo

Can your supplements help with IBS or acid reflux?

Neither product is going to cure IBS or acid reflux. Only dietary changes can do that. Check out this article about how our founder cured his IBS by changing his diet. However, you are likely nutrient deficient if you have GI issues because your gut

Can consuming organ meat supplements break a fast?

This depends on what your fasting goals are. Technically speaking organ meats have a little bit of fat, about 2g of protein and residual amounts of carbohydrates (per serving size).  So, if you are water fasting, then yes, it will break your fast. Ho

Do Beef liver supplements help with weak joints?

Weak joints can be caused by various reasons, including micronutrient deficiencies, collagen deficiencies and a lack of stimulus/stress. Our freeze-dried beef liver capsules can help address the micronutrient deficiencies and we recommend increasing

Can Grass-Fed Heart & Spleen improve low iron levels (anemia)?

Beef spleen is an excellent source of bioavailable heme-iron, which your body can absorb more easily than the non-heme iron found in plants and traditional vitamin supplements. Our Grass-Fed Heart & Spleen supplement contains 48% of the daily recomme

Do heart and spleen supplements improve energy levels?

Beef heart and spleen contain several compounds that can help improve energy levels. Beef heart contains a lot of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) that helps your mitochondria (which are your cells’ power plants) convert the food you consume into energy by suppo

Do beef liver supplements improve energy levels?

Beef liver contains several compounds that improve how your mitochondria (which are your cells’ power plants) convert the food you consume into energy. One of these compounds is the coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). CoQ10 protects mitochondria and supports the c

Can beef liver supplements help improve brain function?

Beef liver is rich in choline and CoQ10, two nutrients that are critical for brain health. Choline speeds up the creation and release of acetylcholine, a protein that carries signals among brain cells and is important for memory and an assortment of

Is eating liver good for your liver health?

While several Native American cultures have followed this principle, we haven’t found any scientific evidence to back up the idea that eating a specific organ supports the health of the same organ in your body. However, there’s no doubt that organ me

Can beef liver help if you have an MTHFR mutation.

Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) is an enzyme that converts Vitamin B9 (folate) into its active form, methyl-folate. Methylfolate is essential for a process called methylation. If you have an MTHFR mutation, you may not be able to properly