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I'm new to beef organs. What supplements should I start with?

Depending on your current health, diet, nutritional needs and budget, we recommend starting with Beef Organs and Bone & Marrow. If you're on a budget and want to start with a single supplement, we recommend Beef Liver or Beef Organs. If you're an ath

Are your supplements 100% grass-fed and finished?

All our supplements are from 100% grass-fed and grass-finished New Zealand cattle.

Do you test your supplements for heavy metals, mold and other toxins?

All our products undergo several laboratory tests for heavy metals, mold, yeast and other toxins as part of the manufacturing process. Note that heavy metals occur in nature and can't be avoided entirely. However, the trace amounts found in our suppl

Are you supplements gluten-free?

Yes, all of our supplements are gluten-free.

What's the expiration date of your supplements?

Our grass-fed beef organ supplements have an expiration date of three years from the date of manufacturing. On average the supplements you receive will have a remaining shelf-life of 12-24 months.

Do your supplements have any taste?

Since the powder is encapsulated in a gelatin capsule, it’s completely tasteless and has no aftertaste.

Can you take the supplements as a meal replacement?

Freeze-dried organ meats are an excellent replacement for multivitamin supplements, but they don't replace a full meal because they don't have many calories. For example, each serving of our Beef Liver supplement has only two grams of protein and vir

Are your supplements kosher?

Our supplements are made from 100% grass-fed cattle and are thus considered kosher.

Where does the gelatin in your capsules come from?

Gelatin is a protein (similar to collagen) and we make it by boiling bovine skin, tendons, ligaments and/or bones.

Is the gelatin of the capsules from beef or pork?

We only use bovine (beef) gelatin for our capsules.

Can I take beef organ supplements during pregnancy or while nursing?

While we can't give any medical advice and always recommend consulting with a knowledgeable medical professional (OBGYN), many customers have consumed fresh or freeze-dried organ meat supplements during pregnancy and while lactating without any issue

Why aren’t your supplements labeled as organic?

100% pasture-raised and grass-fed cows that don’t receive any non-organic or GMO feed are organic by definition. The reason why you still don’t see an “organic” label on our products is that the gelatin capsule isn’t certified organic.

Who should consider using beef organ supplements?

We think every person who doesn’t follow a true nose-to-tail carnivore diet can benefit from beef organ supplements. While it’s always best to eat a variety of fresh organ meats, it’s just not feasible for most of us. Freeze-dried organ meats are the

What's the best time to take your supplements?

You can take our supplements whenever it's most convenient for you. In other words, there is no difference between splitting up the capsules or taking them all at once, with or without a meal. If you practice intermittent fasting, we recommend consum

What's your recommended dosing protocol?

If you're new to consuming organ meats, we recommend building up to the full dosage (usually four capsules) over the course of a few days to allow your body and digestive system to adapt. After about a week, you can take the full serving each day, wi

What are potential side effects of consuming organ meats?

Most people tolerate organ meat supplements well but we've seen a few cases of GI discomfort. That's why we recommend starting out with half the regular serving size if you're new to consuming organ meat. If you have an existing medical condition tha

Can I take both Liver and Heart & Spleen every day or should I alternate?

Depending on your nutritional needs and diet, we recommend taking both supplements every day. However, if make fresh organs a part of your regular diet, you can certainly alternate between Liver and Heart & Spleen.

Are your supplements halal?

The supplements are not made with any pork products and the cattle we source the organs from are being bled before being butchered. However, our supplements are not technically halal-certified.

Can you consume beef liver if you have high cholesterol?

Freeze-dried beef liver only has residual fat and carbohydrates, and thus does not impact blood lipids (including total cholesterol). Moreover, it's worth noting that even fresh foods containing cholesterol and saturated fats don't negatively impact

Do the cattle you obtain the organs from receive mRNA vaccines?

No, the New Zealand cattle we harvest the organs for our supplements from do not receive any mRNA vaccines. In fact, the Ministry of Agriculture in New Zealand confirmed that “there are no mRNA vaccines currently registered for veterinary use in NZ a

Do your organ meat supplements contain blood?

All our animals are bled before being butchered, so only residual amounts of blood are left in the tissue and organs. All liquids disappear during freeze-drying, but a few proteins and micronutrients might be left from the residual blood.

What are the benefits of glass bottles versus plastic containers?

While glass bottles are more expensive to source and ship, they significantly benefit the environment and the consumer (you). For all those reasons, we're proud to offer all of our supplements in glass bottles with metal lids instead of plastic conta