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Does freeze-drying destroy all pathogens?Updated 8 days ago

Like freezing meat, freeze-drying doesn't kill all pathogens (e.g., bacteria and viruses). 

However, the FDA requires ALL glandular powders imported into the United States to be heated to destroy pathogens. While some brands use heat drying (high heat for extended periods), our freeze-dried supplements are only subjected to 165 F for five hours at the end of the freeze-drying cycle. The organ meats are heated inside a vacuum chamber, so they retain 95% of their micronutrients.

Additionally, after freeze-drying the organs, our partners in New Zealand test each lot for heavy metals, pathogens, micronutrients, and other factors before we receive the powder in our domestic facility. Then, we do an aerobic plate count test, which tells us if there are ANY aerobic microbes (e.g., E.Coli) in the sample. After encapsulation and bottling, we test each lot again using an accredited laboratory (usually EuroFins) and publish the test reports here in the help center.

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