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The seal under the metal cap was broken. Are the capsules safe to consume?

Yes, the capsules are safe to consume, even if the seal under the metal cap is broken. Unfortunately, the adhesive our manufacturing partner uses works better with plastic than glass bottles. Temperature changes (e.g., during shipping) can soften the

I received shattered glass bottles. Can I get a replacement?

Sometimes glass bottles may break during shipping and we apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured, we'll send you a replacement free of charge. Simply contact us with your order number and a photo of the broken bottle(s) and we'll ship out a rep

My tracking information hasn't been updated in several days. What can I do?

Sometimes carriers fail to update tracking information timely and it might appear as if the shipment was isn't moving (or was lost). We have also noticed significant delays around major holidays where shipments get delayed in distribution centers. If