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Grass-Fed Bone & Marrow

What is MK Supplements’ Bone & Marrow made of?

Our Bone & Marrow supplement is made from the long bones of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished New Zealand cattle.

Can the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) found in bone marrow help with weight loss?

A study involving rodents has discovered that supplementing with CLA prevents body fat accumulation and weight gain. However, a meta analysis of the available scientific evidence involving humans was inconclusive. In other words, CLA may help with fa

How much calcium and phosphorus is in Bone & Marrow?

One serving of Bone & Marrow (four capsules) contains approximately 777 mg (60% DV) of calcium and 339 mg (27% DV) of phosphorus from microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA).

How much marrow does Bone & Marrow contain?

The ratio of bone to marrow is roughly the same would occur in nature. In other words, we grind down long bones, including their marrow. So on average, you can expect a bone-to-marrow ratio of approximately 5:1.

How much collagen is in Bone & Marrow?

Collagen is a significant component of the bone matrix, accounting for about 25-30% of the bones' dry weight. While the amount of collagen found in bones varies from animal to animal, you can expect approximately 500 mg of collagen in each serving of

How many nutrients are in Grass-Fed Bone & Marrow?

Jam-packed with valuable micronutrients like calcium, phosphorus and stem cells, Bone & Marrow is the perfect natural supplement to support the mineralization of bones and teeth and to support optimal immune, heart and nerve health. The numbers below

Bone & Marrow Changes (December 2023)

We recently made some changes to our Bone & Marrow supplement, resulting in a new serving size and fewer capsules per bottle. First, here what’s not changing: it’s still the same high-quality supplement you’re used to, including:. What’s changing:

Why does Bone & Marrow contain magnesium stearate?

Unlike with our other beef organ supplements, we have to use a flow agent in Bone & Marrow due to the "stickiness" of the raw ingredients. Without a flow agent, the powder can't be encapsulated using machinery (we tried). Unfortunately, there is no a