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Grass-Fed Beef Organs

What is MK Supplements’ Beef Organs complex made of?

Our Beef Organs supplement is made from 100% grass-fed and finished New Zealand cattle. It’s comprised of a mix of five organs — liver, heart, spleen, kidney and pancreas — in their nature-identical proportions. (61% liver, 18% heart, 12% kidney, 6%

Why does your Beef Organs complex have a lot of liver and less of the other organs?

We believe that true nose-to-tail nutrition should mimic the size of the organs in the live animal. The liver is the largest of the five organs in a cow, followed by the heart, two kidneys, the spleen and the pancreas.

Do you need to take any other supplements in combination with Beef Organs?

We consider Beef Organs a foundational supplement to support general wellness. However, if you require higher amounts of certain micronutrients, we advise adding additional organs with higher concentrations. For example, if you suffer from low iron o

How many nutrients are in Grass-Fed Beef Organs?

Three grams of freeze-dried beef organs — the standard dosage for our Beef Organs supplement — contains the same micronutrients as 0.61 ounces of fresh beef liver, 0.18 ounces of beef heart, 0.12 ounces of beef kidney, 0.06 ounces of beef spleen and

Does Beef Organs Replace Beef Liver and Heart & Spleen?

If you've made Beef Liver and Heart & Spleen a regular part of your diet, you might be wondering if our new Beef Organs supplement can replace both of those products. We consider our Grass-Fed Beef Organs supplement an excellent multivitamin that pro