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Liver has greater amounts of certain nutrients than the daily recommended value of those nutrients. Is that a problem?Updated 2 years ago

Beef liver has ample amounts of cholesterol, certain minerals (such as copper) and fat-soluble vitamins (such as Vitamin A) that can become toxic if ingested in excess amounts.

While it’s true in theory that you can have too many of these nutrients, we don’t see that as being an issue in real life. 

The WHO recommends consuming less than 10,000 IU daily, which is approximately two ounces of fresh liver (or six grams of a freeze-dried liver supplement).

Based on the scientific evidence that we’ve found, it’s perfectly safe to consume between four and eight ounces of liver per week.

Also, dietary cholesterol is not unhealthy and has no impact on blood cholesterol levels. 

You can learn more about why that is in this blog post.

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