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Can I apply discount codes to my subscription?Updated 8 months ago

We offer several types of discount codes throughout the year, but not all of them can be applied to active subscriptions.

For example, discount codes related to annual sales events like Black Friday can't be applied to an active subscription. However, there is an easy workaround you can use to still enjoy the discount.

  1. Make a one-time purchase by using the discount code.
  2. Log in to the subscription portal and schedule your next delivery for a later date so that you don't end up with more supplements than you can use.

However, certain discount codes can be applied to active subscriptions, including those you receive after leaving a testimonial. 

To apply a qualifying discount code to your next subscription order, please forward the email you received after leaving a testimonial to [email protected].

If you're unsure whether a code you received can be applied to your subscription, just reach out via the contact form.

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