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Grass-Fed Heart & Spleen

How many nutrients are in Grass-Fed Heart & Spleen?

Three grams of freeze-dried heart and spleen — the standard dosage for our Heart & Spleen supplement — contains the same micronutrients as half an ounce of fresh beef heart and half an ounce of fresh beef spleen. It also has approximately two grams o

If I already take Heart & Spleen are there benefits to taking Beef Liver too?

Side-by-side comparison of health benefits. For the best results and the most comprehensive coverage of micronutrients, I recommend supplementing with both Grass-Fed Heart & Spleen and Grass-Fed Beef Liver.

What's the difference in micronutrients between Heart & Spleen and Beef Liver

Side-by-side comparison of micronutrient composition. The image above gives you an exact comparison between the micronutrients in both Beef Liver and Heart & Spleen. In a nutshell, Beef Liver has the most robust micronutrient profile of all organ mea